3 Reasons why business people make lousy solution architects and software designers

The Endless Debate

What’s Your Role?

  • a primary specialisation — our “domains of competence” based on personal experience, training and capabilities.
  • a primary job role within the team

Three Reasons to Play your Position

  1. Divide and conquer: projects are messy environments conceptually. We need all the available cognitive resources to work on all aspects of the problem and solution space. A business representative’s job role is to understand and articulate the problem space. If the business uses its brainpower on technical issues, who is working on the problem space?
  2. Capability: solution architecture and software design are deep technical specialties. They take most people a long time to get right. The agile mantra of “the best designs emerge from interaction” may be true in theory. But it homogenises all technical decisions into an endless series of iterations with equal impact. Not all technical choices are similar. Making the wrong one can significantly impact system performance.
  3. Expose the thinking around problem/solution mapping: the core job of a project is to map the problem space into the solution space. Thus, we emerge with a system optimally tuned to solve specific project constraints, e.g. time, money, or people. If business people over-invest their time in technical design/feature description, it’s a problem. Perhaps, they are not explicitly considering the problem space in those technical inputs. Or they are hiding that mapping in their heads. It’s probably a combination of both.

A Theory of Software Development

The Bottom Line



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