3 scary behaviours seen during Covid-19 to improve on in life and avoid in projects

  • Exponential rates of change
  • Biology-based problems (including people problems)
  • Experts and expert advice
  • Why does hand-washing work?
  • Why are masks necessary?
  • What treatments and drugs work (and don’t work)?
  • Why does social distancing work?
  • How vaccines work and why they take so long to develop
  • And so on
  • Behaviours
  • Modelling
  • Serology
  • Clinical Information
  • Environmental
  • Children
  • Hospitals
  • Different theoretical or practical paradigms, some of which might be very deep-seated and inappropriate or out-of-date for a given situation. They might have specific personal or political agendas
  • Seen various aspects of the problem — the “blind folks and the elephant” scenario, or seen the problem at different stages in its evolution.
  • Used other methods of analysis, or failed to account for known issues or biases in the tools they used.
  • Hedged their bets by providing alternate viewpoints or qualified their advice with conditions or other “weasel words” — even experts are human, and nobody likes being wrong.
  • The rush to publish (for many good reasons given our situation) bypasses some of the safeguards that have been built into the modern scientific process, e.g. the types of research process, the independent verification of results and peer-review processes. These processes don’t guarantee correctness but they do weed out error, sloppy process and fraud.
  • And the list continues.



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