i'm kinda stuck as a barely-happy user of Evernote until someone implements a working migration tool for my 7k+ existing notes, and duplicates (or betters) their excellent web clipping tool (at least for Chrome). I guess Evernote and i are like a couple who don't really like each other any more but have developed certain habits that are functional and it's too damned hard to get divorced. so we endure, and accommodate, and dare to dream...

I got quite excited about Notion a few months ago but found that their clipping tool is only just functional and their evernote import, whilst well meaning, is brain-dead. I did try working through the Notion support and feedback channels, but ended up in a "we've referred this to an engineer who will be right back" black hole.

I haven't checked these other tools yet but unless they can help me migrate they aren't much help.

Unless I take the really, really, really long view and start with a new tool in the hope that eventually, someday, I don't need the existing ones. But that doesn't feel like much of a strategy to me.



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