The Gradients of Terror — Project management and non-linear dynamics


Covid-19 Underscored a Human Vulnerability

The Non-linearity Paradox in Project Management

Gradients of Comfort

The Gradients of Terror

Questions that need answers

  • Why do we instinctively solve some complex problems instantly but get bogged down on relatively simple ones?
  • How do our human characteristics, e.g. the structure of our brains or our group social behaviour, contribute to these situations?
  • Why do we mischaracterise non-linear data and mentally fit this to linear patterns?
  • Why is it so hard to get teams to react in time to meet crises that evolve non-linearly?
  • What can we learn from other professional and occupational domains that might help us handle these situations?
  • Do we contribute to these problems? No fads, trends, and buzzwords set simplistic expectations about how the world works around us?
  • Does preparation help? In the form of planning, training, or experience?

The Bottom Line



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